In addition to supporting the work of the International Monarchist League, American and Canadian members will receive the quarterly journal The Monarchy, as well as The Monarchist League American Member Newsletter which contains news relating to monarchy related events in the United States and Canada.

Current (2017 AD) membership rates are:
Ordinary: £35 per annum
Full-Time Student: £30 per annum
Lifetime: £700

Payments are also accepted in currencies other than sterling.

According to exchange rates for Feburary 2017:

Ordinary: US $43.48 / Canada $56.91
Full-Time Student: US $37.27 / Canada $48.78
Lifetime: US $869.54 / Canada $1,138.27

A digital file of the membership application may be found here, or else may be obtained by writing to the League's Headquarters at:
The Monarchist League
PO Box 5307
Bishop's Stortford
Hertfordshire CM23 3DZ
United Kingdom

Monarchy and The American Member Newsletter

Monarchy and The American Member Newsletter